Ants in The Plants

A wicked anteater that is a constant threat to an ant colony. The ants have been warned by their queen ant to prepare for an attack by this long-time enemy. She says to them, “He’s a menace. He’s a brute.

He will scoop you with his snoot.” Therefore, they are expecting the assault, and they have focused on a military defense, such as preparing fortifications, compiling munitions in their fortress, and generally becoming ready for war. Their plan for the anteater’s impending invasion is to make him yell, “Uncle!”.

The military units of the ants are led by the queen ant who rides a snail, but the anteater takes many ant casualties, forcing the ant colony to rethink its strategy. Ultimately, the ants decide to abandon their modern military tactics, and after resorting to the Sewer Side Squad, they wrathfully swarm the anteater.

Release Date: March 15, 1940