King For a Day

Gabby has a letter to deliver to the king of Lilliput; when he arrives, the king is in the bath and Gabby tries on the royal robe. The king emerges and gives Gabby a stern look; Gabby hands over the letter and leaves quickly.

The letter, however, is ominous: “Please be at home today; I have orders to shoot you.” The king calls for Gabby: looks like he’ll get his wish after all. But just after taking the throne, he sees the letter and panics; as he runs through the castle, he trips and does battle with many objects; he thinks he has gotten rid of the assassin and calls the king out.

Just then, the man arrives to shoot the king; they argue over which is the king, and Gabby runs off just as there’s an explosion of flash powder; the man was a photographer, and the photo isn’t at all flattering. 

Release Date: October 18, 1940