Mother Hunky is instructing Spunky on the instincts and habits of donkeys such as the braying laugh, and how to get water from a cactus. Mother Hunky takes a nap in the shade, leaving Spunky to frolic with a bunny.

Meantime, an evil looking prospector with a sunburned nose comes along carrying his pack on his back. He sees the young donkey running around free, and sets a trap using an apple inside a noose, and ropes Spunky into slavery. Hunky has a dream that Spunky has been taken away, and runs after the prospector who is using her son as a pack animal. Once atop the mountain, Hunky pulls a tug of war with the prospector over her baby.

The prospector falls backward into a junk pile, and grabbing a piece of wood starts to hit Hunky, when she kicks him with her hind legs. The evil prospector lands on a far away butte, and hunky then kicks is cabin over to him. Mother and son are happy to be reunited, and go off into the sunset.

Release Date: Unknown