The Rasslin’ Match

Amos walks into the Fresh Air taxi cab company where Andy is asleep. Woken up, Andy pretends to be working. In walks Kingfish who has a big deal. It’s for Andy to wrestle Bullneck Mooseface for the Championship of the World. Andy immediately agrees, despite Amos trying to dissuade him.

In the gym, Kingfish introduces Andy to his trainer, Brother Hercules, a small guy who seems to be as strong as his namesake as he effortlessly tosses Andy around.

Hercules tells Andy that Bullneck’s weak spot in his head as he beats Andy up in the ring. Andy is put on shadow boxing, and predictably gets the worst of it. Then road work, following a car, bumping into it twice and falling into a mud puddle. They reach Bullneck’s training camp and see the big guy effortlessly bashing up his opponents.

Andy finally realises what he has let himself in for as he sweats, swallows and turns white with fear before fainting.

The day of the big fight and Kingfish appeals to Andy’s greed by telling him when he wins he is going to get a solid gold belt full of diamonds. Amos turns up with a wreath which Kingfish has said should be hung around Andy’s neck when he wins the match. The crowd (all black people) cheers as the Champion arrives. He takes off his robe to reveal his muscular frame. Andy takes off his robe to reveal a mass of blubber. He keeps on his bowler and smokes his cigar throughout the fight. The crowd boos him.

They separate and Andy tries to avoid Mooseface who on his third attempt grabs Andy and starts bouncing him off of the ropes around the ring, like Andy is a ball. For a change, instead of using his hand to knock Andy to the ropes, Mooseface headbutts him there instead. Amos sees the solution and shouts for Andy to take off his hat. Andy does and their heads collide as the ropes toss Andy back to Mooseface, knocking Mooseface flat on his back. He is knocked out and Andy, also KO-ed, falls across him and is declared the winner by the referee.

Release Date: January 5, 1934